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Innovative system for the safety of isolated workers.


Occupational safety is a legal requirement according to the Testo Unico sulla Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro (Occupational health & safety Italian Consolidated Act ) imposing a timely call to emergency & rescue units in case of accident. For the safety of isolated workers, that operate in uncontrolled and unmonitored areas doing potentially dangerous jobs, we provide GuardMe a warning device with the following features:

Small and user friendly

Constant tracking of the device and its user

Timely call to emergency & rescue units

Automatic warning procedures in case of danger.


Innovative care for chronic patients.

Application Platform

ChroMo is an application platform for the monitoring of chronic patients supporting diagnosing and therapeutic processes, available for a series of chronical diseases (chronic heart desease, chronic pulmonary disease and ALS) by applying of deep learning algorithms.
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Innovative care for chronic patients

Information System

Information System available to the management of prostheses and other chronic diseases: prostheses, coeliac products, diabetics, renal failure, dematerialized clinical request by medical specialists; online login, Health Card for the allocation corresponding to the correct quantity of product.


Innovative solutions to PA

Information System

This platform allows to manage in semi-automatic mode all the mandatory checks required to a supplier in a procurement contract. The system, as well as to send all the requests to the competent authorities, allows to set Warnings and Alerts at the deadline approaching of a certificate. Accerta platform ensures that both mandatory and optional requirements are complied with the tenderer and all those are connected to it.


Expert advice

Consulting and Support

Consulting and Support on IT systems in office administration and clinical setting.

System Integration

Customer analysis

We care for our customers starting from the needs analysis by using current application solutions or designing and developing ad hoc : we assure maximum security in data management, excellence in IT management and the software development reliability.

Technological and medical infrastructure management

360 degrees Solutions

We offer 360 degrees solutions for the technological fleet management and the medical devices, allowing the users to be freed to managing their workplace and all technological devices, making maintenance activities more effective and continuous by centralizing monitoring and management activities centralizing in an only one decision-maker, chosen by the customer, the management and monitoring of the project by an application platform that manages the maintenance.